Purveyors of Surf Style


At Surf Shop Box, what we do is pretty straightforward
  • We deliver PREMIUM surf clothing from top, hand-picked brands
    around the world directly to your door.

  • We cater the clothing to your personal STYLE preferences.

  • We save you TIME so you can spend more time in the water.

  • We save you MONEY so you can buy that new shred stick...yew!

  • We give back to the community that gives so much to us.

Surf Shop Box was founded on the belief that the surf lifestyle doesn't have to be exclusive. There are passionate surfers and lifestyle enthusiasts all over the world, and our goal is to deliver a box of style and stoke directly to their doors every 3 months, while saving an average of 50% off retail prices. Join us in sharing the stoke, worldwide.


The Purveryors of Surf Style


Stoke Guaranteed

Save up to 50% off retail price | Easy Exchanges | Delivered Seasonally