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    We'll send you a custom box of brand name surf apparel at up to 50% off retail prices every month or quarter -- stoke guaranteed. Free Shipping. Cancel anytime. Join today and receive 10% off your first box with code: MAHALO10

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    Every month, our pro stylists will curate a box full of premium surf apparel & accessories tailored to your style preferences. Easy exchanges and free shipping, always.

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    Skip the lines and save up to 50% off retail prices every month. No lines, no hassles, and stoke guaranteed.

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A curated selection of high quality, stylish surf apparel and accessories. Stay stoked in style all year long.

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    Top Name Brands
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Surf Shop Box Cost: $49.00 Free Shipping

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    Save 50% or more on surf apparel & accessories. Put those savings toward a new board or your next surf trip!

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    Spend more time surfing and less time shopping. Each curated box is delivered directly to your door.

  • Style and Quality

    Discover stylish, high-quality products from the most trusted brands and the hottest new-comers in the industry, including Billabong, Captain Fin Co., Indosole and more.

  • Giving Back

    Spread the aloha! Each box shipped helps protect our oceans and beaches.

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What our members are saying

  • “I was stoked when I received my first Surf Shop Box! I’m extremely busy with work and travel and don’t have much time to shop. I loved having great items, that I’ll actually use and wear, delivered right to my door. The value and experience is tough to beat. Can’t wait for the next one!”

    Bron H. (Salty since July, 2016) Los Angeles, CA

  • “Finally, a subscription box with stuff that I’ll wear and use! I was stoked with my first Surf Shop Box. The quality and style was on point. I’m actually wearing my tee as I write this review. I’m pumped to see what’s in future boxes.”

    Kyle H. (Salty since August, 2016) Hermosa Beach, CA

  • “I'm glad there's now a subscription box for guys like me! This is stuff I'll actually use on the water, on the land, and everything in between. I've been very happy with my boxes and can't wait to see what's in my next box.”

    Chris R. (Salty since June, 2016) Orlando, FL


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect inside my monthly Surf Shop Box ?

Each month, our Curation Crew handpicks 2-3 pieces of high quality, surf apparel or accessories to place inside your box. All items selected are based upon your Style Preferences and each box contains an average retail value of $100 inside. Take a look at some recent boxes here. You can expect products such as boardshorts, tees, sweatshirts, sunglasses, flip flops, hats, walkshorts, backpacks and much more, from top brands like Billabong and Volcom and some of the best newer brands like Captain Fin Co and Indosole.

When does my Surf Shop Box ship?

Your first box will ship within 72 hours of when you first join Surf Shop Box*. In the following months, you will be billed on the monthly anniversary of your sign up date, and your box will ship within 3 business days of that date.

For example, if you joined Surf Shop Box on September 5th, you would be billed on that day, and your first box would ship by September 8th. Your second billing date would occur on October 5th and your second box would ship by October 8th. *Please note, the August Surf Shop Box will begin shipping on August 23th. If you join before August 15th, your box will ship on August15th. In subsequent months your boxes will ship as stated above.

How much does Surf Shop Box cost?

Your Surf Shop Box costs $49.00 for an average of $100 of high quality surf apparel and accessories. FREE Shipping throughout the U.S. If you’re located outside of the U.S., your Shipping and Handling cost will range from $14.95 to $21.95. The final cost will be displayed at checkout.

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